PLUNKY – Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness 

is Plunky’s autobiography, the story of his life chronicled in his music, momentous events, pictures and his journals.





           "bold-voiced and wisea polyrhythmic excursion through the full range of black diasporic music, from avant-garde jazz to funk, from R&B to African percussion.  – Brent Hayes Edwards, Professor, Dept. of English and the Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University 

      “…imparts wisdom through music” – Pharaoh Sanders, Saxophonist 

      “Wow!…musical salvation” – Sheidia Badja, French music journalist & promoter

      "…a blueprint for the next generations” – B. J. Brown, Exec. Director, Richmond Jazz Society

      “… a history lesson: This is His-Story.”  - Faunee, Washington, DC jazz radio host/producer



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