CD Album Releases: 

Plunky Drive It 

Plunky Cold Heat 
Plunky & Oneness Forever In A Moment 
Plunky & Oneness Got to Move Something 
Plunky & Oneness Saxy Mellow Moments 
Plunky & Oneness Got to be Phunky 
Plunky & Oneness I Can’t Hold Back 
Plunky & Oneness Groove Tones 
Plunky The Oneness of Funk 
Plunky One World One Music 
Plunky Move Into the Light 
Plunky Tropical Chill 

Plunky & Oneness of Juju Every Way But Loose 
Oneness of Juju African Rhythms 
Oneness of Juju Space Jungle Luv 
Oneness of Juju Bush Brothers & Space Rangers 
Plunky & Oneness of Juju Electric Juju Nation 
Juju A Message From Mozambique 
Juju Chapter Two: Nia 

Juju Live At 131 Prince Street 
J. Plunky Branch Solo Journey Between Dimensions 
J. Plunky Branch Instrumental Praise 

J. Plunky Branch Spiritual Sounds Within My Soul 


Oneness of Juju African Rhythms 1970 – 1982 


Plunky & Oneness of Juju – Live In Paris 

J. Plunky Branch - Under The Radar - A Survey of Afro-Cuban Music