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Plunky & Fire


Plunky On Fire - the new release by J. Plunky Branch and his group Plunky & Oneness. 

Funk jazz saxophonist J. Plunky Branch has always needed a list of genres to characterize his music.  With his new release Plunky On Fire, he continues to create urban contemporary music that amalgamates funk, jazz, R&B, and global soul, crafting a sound that is unique and fresh. 

Plunky & his son, Fire, have produced an album of new songs that are both retro and ultramodern by utilizing the lyrical styles and melodies of R&B and jazz in conjunction with the techniques and technology of hip-hop.  The result is a new, organic-techno soul music that is highly danceable, listenable and funky.

This album consists of 13 new soulful songs spiced with several live performance clips, skits and spoken word interludes; so it has the flow of a theatrical production.  All of the studio tracks were created by Fire, and the whole project was co-produced as a father-son collaboration.  So the headline might be Jazz Saxophonist Father and Hip-hop Beat-Making Son Find Common Ground in R&B Music. 18 Hot, spicy, rhythmic, deep-grooved, quirky, genre-bending, idiosyncratic tracks…