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Plunky & Oneness Release New Album: Juju Jazz Funk

Plunky & Oneness continue their decades-long output of extraordinary music with their latest album, Juju Jazz Funk.  Produced by band master, J. Plunky Branch, with son, Fire, the new album is a distinctive and notable collection of melodies and messages for modern music lovers.  Juju Jazz Funk contains nine original songs, along with two bonus tracks recorded live at a 2016 summer concert when the group performed with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.

Plunky, the ageless sage (think Quincy Jones, Hugh Masekela and George Clinton), recently published his autobiography, Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness.  Though released separately, the new CD is the book’s companion piece.  Together, the two works document the fusion of Plunky’s musical and philosophical visions.  The range of cross-generational creativity is on full display in the variety of the grooves and the consciousness-raising songs on Juju Jazz Funk.

Plunky's autobiography, PLUNKY: Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness 

Plunky: Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness, is an overnight success story, 50 years in the making.  It documents James Plunky Branch’s career in music and arts activism, and delivers his memoir as a straightforward recollection of anecdotes, journals, and photographs.   An early proponent of Afro-jazz and funk, Plunky, with his group Oneness of Juju with their deep rare grooves and progressive political themes, received international critical acclaim. 

Plunky: Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness is all about decades of transitions, completed circles, and momentous meetings.  It is not a standard sex, drugs and rock & roll exposé; rather it is an insider’s look behind the scenes of the independent Black jazz and soul music business and Plunky’s philosophies and methodologies that allowed him to persevere and come out on top. 

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  Late - The Documentary (the 30 minute Producer's Cut Version)

“Never Too Late” is the title of the latest CD album by saxophonist J. Plunky Branch and his critically acclaimed funk jazz group, Plunky & Oneness.  But it is also the title of the documentary film about Plunky’s 40th anniversary of performing and producing music in Richmond, VA.  Here is the 30 minute Producer's cut version of the documentary